April 2024: Volume 1, Issue 1
Inauggural Newsletter

At Foundation for the Restoration of America (FFROA), we know the best way to preserve the timeless lessons of our nation’s past is by inspiring passion for America’s founding in the next generation. An educated public armed with an intimate knowledge of The Constitution and The Declaration of Independence is, was, and will always remain the surest guarantor of liberty. We’ve known this since at least 1776. yet, many of today’s youth are unaware of just how precious that freedom really is.

Our children are not learning about how exceptional America truly is because many schools aren’t teaching it. This leaves future citizens ignorant about our founding documents and fathers, and they’re left ignorant about what makes our nation special. Even worse, some schools actually portray American ideals negatively, molding activists instead of citizens. Without this foundational knowledge, how can the citizens of tomorrow pass freedom’s torch to the next generation? They can’t.

The Foundation for the Restoration of America exists to solve this problem. Our Constitutional Study Scholarship Program is the antidote to this problem.

In 2023 alone, over 500 students across 42 States and the Virgin Islands applied for our scholarships, spending an amazing 6,500 hours studying the Constitution in detail. We awarded $100,000 in scholarships to 39 students. And we’re just getting started!

I’m excited to deliver the first FFROA Newsletter to you and to keep you informed on the progress we’re making to strengthen young American’s knowledge of the Constitution. This is turn will help protect the freedoms guaranteed by our founding documents for generations to come. Feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any questions or if you would like to join us in our efforts.

Yours in Liberty,

Christine Altenberger
Executive Director

The Foundation for the Restoration of America awarded $100,000 to students in 2023. Meet some of our FFROA Scholarship winners!

One FFROA Scholarship applicant noted,

To preserve freedom in America, we must educate those who lost sight of the US Constitution.  Today, two main factions exist in America: those who have forgotten the Constitution and those who avidly reject it.

We’re accepting new applications for our Constitutional Studies Scholarship Program for students who are 16 years or older and U.S. citizens. To be eligible, students must complete two FREE online Constitutional Study courses at their own pace. The courses take approximately eight hours to complete. The deadline for the first round is June 30 at midnight; the deadline for the second round is December 31 at midnight.

FFROA partners with charities across America who share our vision to restore a prideful history in the education of our young Americans. We are honored to partner with Turning Point Academy, Moms for America, Catholic Vote, Douglas Leadership Institute, Moms for Liberty and others to advance patriotic scholarships across the country.

We recently attended the Moms for America Summit and Gala in Dallas, TX. Thank you for putting on a spectacular event!  

Watch Executive Director Christine Altenberger on Freedom Square to discuss FFROA’s Constitutional Study and Scholarship Program:

Please partner with us to provide scholarships to young Americans who are eager to learn about our true history and the liberties promised in the Constitution.

Your financial support make our efforts possible!

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