Wake Forest student Sophia Marie Damian awarded $2,000 national civics scholarship

The Foundation for the Restoration of America (FFROA) awarded a $2,000 scholarship to Wake Forest student Sophia Marie Damian following her completion of the Constitutional Study Program. 

Damian, a North Carolina native, is currently attending Wake Forest University with a double major in Philosophy and Economics along with a Linguistics minor.

“It is my duty to advocate for change along with the support of those who believe in the Constitution,” she opined.

Damian was encouraged to apply for the scholarship by her father, who learned about it through a newsletter from CatholicVote.

In reflecting on what she learned from the Constitutional Study Program, she said, “I found it fascinating how God is mentioned in the Declaration of Independence: He is referred to once as “Creator” and three other times after each branch of government (‘Nature’s God’ as the legislative; ‘Divine Providence’ as the executive; and ‘Supreme Judge’ as the judiciary).”

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