Iowa high school student Nicholas Hebert awarded $2,000 national civics scholarship

The Foundation for the Restoration of America (FFROA) awarded a $2,000 scholarship to high school student Nicholas Hebert following his completion of the Constitutional Study Program.

Hebert, from Davenport, Iowa, is currently finishing his homeschool education and will graduate in 2026.

“By studying the Constitution and the founding principles of the United States, I can then use this knowledge to make the right choices and select the candidates who best represent the Constitutional method, and who are most committed to the protection of the people’s rights.,” Hebert reflected after taking the free Hillsdale courses as a part of the program.

He also noted that the best way to combat a misunderstanding of the American founding is through intentional education about civic involvement, as well as being taught to practice morality and virtue.

“Virtue coupled with understanding is the key to preserving freedom,” Hebert continued, “and I can personally contribute to this undertaking by performing my duty as a United States citizen to help others learn about the Constitution and its principles, doing my best to give an example to others, and by my leadership.”

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