McKinney homeschool student Natalie Brown awarded $2,000 national civics scholarship

McKinney high school student Natalie Brown was awarded a $2,000 scholarship from the Foundation for the Restoration of America (FFROA) following her completion of the organization’s Constitutional Study Program.

A homeschool student, Brown will attend to Collin College this fall and is considering a degree in business.

“One of the greatest enemies to the Constitution is ignorance,” said Brown. “The weakening of education in the history of our country, ‘altering’ that history, and leaving Constitutional study to the last year of a student’s high school career is damaging.” 

“The United States of America is founded on the principles established by God,” she said. “Our Founders held this very dear, and for good reason. If the people understand their inherent freedoms, then they are more likely to appreciate them, and espouse them in the public square. Without this knowledge, our citizens will struggle.”

FFROA Executive Director Christine Altenberger said that students like Brown will be the future leaders of the United States, making it all the more important to educate them in the founding principles.

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