FFROA announces new partnership with Moms for America

From Chicago City Wire

The Foundation for the Restoration of America announced a new partnership with Moms for America this week.

Christine Altenberger, Executive Director of the Foundation for the Restoration for America, made the official announcement at the Moms for America Summit and Gala in Dallas, Texas.

“The Foundation for the Restoration of America is thrilled to partner with Moms for America! This partnership ensures that young Americans get the education they need to protect the freedoms that make America exceptional,” Altenberger said. “Our Constitutional Studies Scholarship Program gives kids the knowledge they need in order to defend freedom, for our families and for the future generations of Americans.”

The partnership is built around the shared mission of educating young Americans on the ideals that founded the United States through the Constitutional Study Program.

“Moms for America’s mission is threefold – empower moms, promote liberty, and raise patriots,” Moms for America President Kimberly Fletcher said. “This partnership with the Foundation for the Restoration of America strengthens each part of this mission by empowering parents all around the country to use a program that will educate their kids on our nation’s founding principles and documents. Our children must be taught the truth if we want to preserve liberty for future generations.”

Eligible students who complete the courses, provided by Hillsdale College, are encouraged to apply for the $100,000 worth of scholarships available this year – with two application deadlines of June 30th and December 31st.

Last year, $100,000 was awarded to eligible students who completed the program.

Learn more about the partnership between the Foundation and Moms for America by watching this short video.

Learn more about the Constitutional Study Scholarship Program at https://www.ffroa.com/constitutional-study-program/moms-for-america-constitutional-study-program/.