University of Dallas student Elise DeGeeter awarded $10,000 national civics scholarship

The Foundation for the Restoration of America (FFROA) awarded a $10,000 scholarship to University of Dallas student Elise DeGeeter following her completion of the Constitutional Study Program.

DeGeeter is from Katy, Texas and is currently pursuing a degree in Theology with a minor in Political Philosophy. After taking the free courses in the Constitutional Study Program provided through Hillsdale College, she reflected on the benefit of the program.

“With the great divisiveness in political society and the doubts so many young people have about the proper role of the government, the necessity of understanding the basis of America—her very foundation—becomes ever more crucial to the needs of our time … The Constitutional Study Program offered me a deep dive into the founders’ ideals and even their minds in crafting the Constitution, opening a window to see the beauty that is America,” she said.

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