Grove City College student Carson Batzel awarded $2,000 national civics scholarship

The Foundation for the Restoration of America (FFROA) awarded a $2,000 scholarship to incoming Grove City College student Carson Batzel following his completion of the Constitutional Study Scholarship Program.

From Cedar Grove, Wisconsin, Batzel will pursue a degree in Entrepreneurship from Grove City College this fall.

“Modern schools are attempting to indoctrinate the youth and rewrite history. Instead of teaching the glories of the Constitution,” Batzel noted of the current state of education in the United States. “Woke revisionist history is instructed by books like The 1619 Project, which leads many students to graduate despising the American Founding. If people loath the founding, they will disrespect the documents essential to a functional and free society.”

Batzel completed the Hillsdale courses included in the Foundation’s Constitutional Study Program. In his reflection of the program, he shared his devotion to the founding principles and ideals.

“Teaching the Constitution and American founding are some of the ways in which we can collectively defend the freedoms in the Constitution,” he said. “I shall remain a vocal proponent for the rights demarcated in the amendments to the Constitution.”

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