Benedictine College student Benjamin Joerger awarded $5,000 national civics scholarship

The Foundation for the Restoration of America (FFROA) awarded a $5,000 scholarship to Benedictine College student Benjamin Joerger following his completion of the Constitutional Study Program.

Joerger is from Overland Park, Kansas and is currently pursuing a degree in Accounting and Finance. After taking the free courses in the Constitutional Study Program provided through Hillsdale College, he reflected on what he learned from the program.

“I was amazed and inspired after learning about this unwavering focus on the worth and resulting sovereignty of the people that was written into the fabric of our government,” Joerger said.

“Taking these courses helped me realize the magnitude and ingenuity of our Founders’ revolutionary project. In the Constitution,” he continued, “our Founding Fathers made certain the voice of the people would be instrumental in the government’s formation and execution of its laws.”

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