Awake Americans selects Foundation for the Restoration of America as a top three charity in 2024

DOWNERS GROVE, IL – The Foundation for the Restoration of America was selected by Awake Americans as one of three charities in their 2024 philanthropy campaign.

Awake Americans, a nonprofit that supports and promotes American values, chose three charities to represent their philanthropic pillars of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

The Foundation was selected to represent the pursuit of happiness, as the scholarship program provides opportunities for young Americans to pursue education and have a restored understanding of our nation’s founding principles.

The Foundation is joined by America First Legal and The Southside Lifehouse as the 2024 Awake Americans charities – to which Awake Americans members allocate part of their membership fee to one or more of these groups.

“The Foundation is honored to have been chosen as a 2024 Awake Americans charity,” Foundation for the Restoration of America Executive Director Christine Altenberger said. 

“Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are among the ideals students learn about in our Constitutional Study Scholarship Program,” Altenberger continued, “and this support for our program will help more Young Americans to appreciate our nation and flourish through continued educational opportunities.”

Students may still complete the Constitutional Study Program before the December 31 deadline to be considered for thousands of dollars in scholarships this year.

With $100,000 awarded for the 2023 school year, the Foundation will award $100,000 or more to eligible students for the 2024 school year. Learn more about the Constitutional Study Scholarship Program at